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Looking for a holiday property to rent? Find it right here in the classifieds.

Rent direct from the owner. Find out what they have available too - no more wasted phone calls, trying to find out if there is space or rooms available. Get all the information and an idea of availability from our free ads.

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Please note, the ads have been written and placed by the owners. Please read the disclaimer before proceeding. Thanks.

Holiday property owners

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You can describe your holiday rental in words and link to your personal web-site oronline availability calendar, plus you can link to one image of your property.

Owners, hoteliers, how to place your free ad.

Ads stay online for as long as you need, you specify how long you want to post the ad for.

Your Website Address: Enter the URL of your website or webpage if you have one. Links to sites containing listings of properties or to agents or other commercial website are not allowed.

Email: ( Enter here your e-mail. If you do not have an e-mail, get a web-based e-mail account that you can access from any computer).

Image URL: If you have a photo of your holiday property, enter the URL (web address) of the photo here. Note that in some cases it will not be possible to link to an image. It depends whether your ISP or hosting provider allows this facility or not. If you have an online album that allows linking to an individual photo you could use this URL instead. We do not allow uploading of images directly to our classified ads.

Availability calendar: We suggest a free account at Here you can get your own free calendar, specifically for holiday rental availability. If you have an account at rentors, you could link to your calendar URL (web address) instead of your webpage. Of course, you could always include a link to your calendar from your personal/holiday rental website!

Title of Ad: Enter here the title, such as "Holiday apartment in Torrevieja".

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Ad Details: Enter a description of the holiday property or accommodation. Include info such as accommodation/property type, area/no. of rooms, facilities in the accommodation, facilities nearby,distance from the beach, whether children friendly etc.

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